Saturday, November 20, 2010

Upcoming Events !

Why hello again !

So my life literally revolves around Post-its! Every time I get an idea, or have a to-do list it goes on a post-it and I am now to the point where my ENTIRE desk is filled with them !!! Since I am trying to manage a million and one things at once they seem to be the only thing keeping me sane lol. My friends find it hilarious, I FIND IT NECESSARY ! hehe :-)

I am in the midst of coordinating 4 different charity benefits at once and my head is seriously overflowing with information. The first event is actually December 11th and it's called the Cosmic Charity Challenge; a cosmic bowling charity event held at Maple Lanes in Brooklyn NY, where all of the proceeds will be going to the Children's Miracle Network (the official Platform of the Miss America Organization) & The Miss Brooklyn Scholarship Organization. It is going to be a really fun and exciting night full of bowling, music, raffles, prizes and a few surprises along with way :-)  

Anyone interested please call 718-331-9000 and ask for TERRI !!!!

Following this event will be my Valentine's Dinner Dance at Sirico's Catering Hall in Brooklyn, NY on February 12th @ 7:00 pm. All proceeds from this event will be going to the Sarcoma Alliance, the charity in which I am supporting this year as Miss Brooklyn, There will be a live DJ, Dinner, Raffles, and much more. It will be a great night out supporting a wonderful cause. Look for more information within the next few weeks :-) 

On January 23rd at Poly Prep (time is TBA), I will be co-hosting an event with the amazing Margaret Tapogna!!!! Margaret has been my dance teacher and inspiration since I was 7 years old. She truly is a woman with a heart made purely of gold and has touched so many lives over the years. Her love of dance and dedication to others makes her a true humanitarian who always puts others ahead of herself. Her selfless outlook on life is hard to put into words, but ask anyone who knows her and they will agree that she really is a piece of heaven on earth! We will be hosting the event in honor of her friend and fellow dancer, Rachel<3 whom passed away recently from lung cancer. All proceeds from the event will be going to the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in honor of Rachel, who was a constant supporter of St. Jude's for over 20 years. I will keep you posted on further details within the next few week !

Last but not least the biggest event I am preparing for is my "PERFORMERS WITH A PURPOSE," benefit. My ultimate goal as Miss Brooklyn is to bring the performing arts into the public schools and show how the arts cannot only benefit the children, but can benefit charitable organizations as well. I plan to teach dance clinics in several public schools this year and have those children open up the benefit performance held on either April 16th or May 7th (still working on the date), where all of the proceeds will go to the Sarcoma Alliance. I already have sponsors lined up which I am super excited about and EXTREMELY grateful for and I simply cannot wait to really pull it all together. I want to get as many local dancing schools & performance centers involved as possible and make this a performance Brooklyn will never forget!!!! 

So these are all my biggies coming up this year ! I have a few other tricks up my sleeve and some other fun ideas to share, but I will wait until next time hehe :-) Hope to see you all at these upcoming events <3333333

Christina :-) 

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