Saturday, November 20, 2010

Upcoming Events !

Why hello again !

So my life literally revolves around Post-its! Every time I get an idea, or have a to-do list it goes on a post-it and I am now to the point where my ENTIRE desk is filled with them !!! Since I am trying to manage a million and one things at once they seem to be the only thing keeping me sane lol. My friends find it hilarious, I FIND IT NECESSARY ! hehe :-)

I am in the midst of coordinating 4 different charity benefits at once and my head is seriously overflowing with information. The first event is actually December 11th and it's called the Cosmic Charity Challenge; a cosmic bowling charity event held at Maple Lanes in Brooklyn NY, where all of the proceeds will be going to the Children's Miracle Network (the official Platform of the Miss America Organization) & The Miss Brooklyn Scholarship Organization. It is going to be a really fun and exciting night full of bowling, music, raffles, prizes and a few surprises along with way :-)  

Anyone interested please call 718-331-9000 and ask for TERRI !!!!

Following this event will be my Valentine's Dinner Dance at Sirico's Catering Hall in Brooklyn, NY on February 12th @ 7:00 pm. All proceeds from this event will be going to the Sarcoma Alliance, the charity in which I am supporting this year as Miss Brooklyn, There will be a live DJ, Dinner, Raffles, and much more. It will be a great night out supporting a wonderful cause. Look for more information within the next few weeks :-) 

On January 23rd at Poly Prep (time is TBA), I will be co-hosting an event with the amazing Margaret Tapogna!!!! Margaret has been my dance teacher and inspiration since I was 7 years old. She truly is a woman with a heart made purely of gold and has touched so many lives over the years. Her love of dance and dedication to others makes her a true humanitarian who always puts others ahead of herself. Her selfless outlook on life is hard to put into words, but ask anyone who knows her and they will agree that she really is a piece of heaven on earth! We will be hosting the event in honor of her friend and fellow dancer, Rachel<3 whom passed away recently from lung cancer. All proceeds from the event will be going to the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in honor of Rachel, who was a constant supporter of St. Jude's for over 20 years. I will keep you posted on further details within the next few week !

Last but not least the biggest event I am preparing for is my "PERFORMERS WITH A PURPOSE," benefit. My ultimate goal as Miss Brooklyn is to bring the performing arts into the public schools and show how the arts cannot only benefit the children, but can benefit charitable organizations as well. I plan to teach dance clinics in several public schools this year and have those children open up the benefit performance held on either April 16th or May 7th (still working on the date), where all of the proceeds will go to the Sarcoma Alliance. I already have sponsors lined up which I am super excited about and EXTREMELY grateful for and I simply cannot wait to really pull it all together. I want to get as many local dancing schools & performance centers involved as possible and make this a performance Brooklyn will never forget!!!! 

So these are all my biggies coming up this year ! I have a few other tricks up my sleeve and some other fun ideas to share, but I will wait until next time hehe :-) Hope to see you all at these upcoming events <3333333

Christina :-) 

Monday, November 15, 2010

A Trip to Borough Hall to Meet Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz

As borough president, in addition to setting an ambitious agenda focused on the core issues of his more than three decades in public service — housing, neighborhood preservation and community development — Marty has enacted programs to boost civic pride, improve health, promote tourism and empower young Brooklynites.” 

On Monday November 8, 2010 I had the opportunity to visit the office of Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz down at Borough Hall! Now anyone who is a true Brooklynite knows Marty, he is legacy in Brooklyn, NY and has been involved in the Brooklyn Community for decades. He has been the Borough President since 2001 and during his time in office has managed to reach out to the 2.6 million people in the Brooklyn Community. (Don’t forget Brooklyn is the largest of the 5 boroughs, so he has a lot of ground to cover lol) Astoundingly he has found a way to do it. Ask any Brooklynite and I assure you they know who Marty is! I have been in Marty’s company many times throughout my school years and though he makes an impression on people everywhere he goes, there is one “Marty Moment” that I will always, always, always recall and that is his infamous “LET THE FORCE BE WITH YOU SPEECH” that he gave at my High School Graduation. (I know many of you are probably chuckling right now because he is known for this speech!) I won’t give away the ending for anyone who has yet to hear it, but I will say that Marty is both inspirational and theatrical, and presents himself and his beliefs in a way that makes you just want to get up and cheer!

When I entered Borough Hall that day I must say I felt quite important lol. I think it was the first time that it hit me that “Wow, I actually am Miss Brooklyn.” As I entered his office I was greeted with smiles and opened arms. Everyone in the office was so receptive and so kind to me. I met a lot of his wonderful staff members including his Executive Assistant Debbie Bill, and his Chief of Staff aka his “right hand man” Carlo A. Scissura, who I have actually known since I was in elementary school. My mother was the President of the PTA when he was just getting started as a member of the Public School Board, so he was shocked to see that I was the new Miss Brooklyn because he has known me since I was around 10.
When I walked into Marty’s office I was blown away by all of his Brooklyn paraphernalia. Literally everywhere you turned there was some sort of plaque, or poster, or picture etc. of something having to do with historical pieces of Brooklyn. He had Brooklyn Cyclone’s Gear, a huge picture of L & B Spumoni Gardens, pictures of Coney Island, the original Nathans, The parachute . . . the list goes on and on and on! It was unbelievable!!!! This certainly was no ordinary office; it was a Brooklyn playground J

I expected to sit down and simply talk one on one with Marty, but he was so down to earth and the whole meeting was very casual. My parents were able to come in and meet him and his staff and we all just talked everything and anything. I explained my Platform to him, “Performers With A Purpose, Bringing Sarcoma Awareness Center Stage,” and he was able to give me a contact or two that will help me further my platform, which I am very grateful for. He even showed me his photo-shoot spread with model Brooklyn Decker (so funny). Overall my first meeting with Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz went phenomenal. I am so thankful I was able to meet with him personally and hope to possibly do a few appearances with good ol’ “Mr. Brooklyn,” sometime in the future J

Showing me his photo-shoot spread with model Brooklyn Decker
Photo By: Kathryn Kirk

Borough President Marty Markowitz
Photo By: Kathryn Kirk

"Mr. Brooklyn & Miss Brooklyn" lol
Photo By: Kathryn Kirk

Photo By: Kathryn Kirk

Mom & Dad got to join in :-)
Photo By: Kathryn Kirk

I think I covered it all :-) It really was such an honor to meet Marty!

Christina :-) 

P.S. I went to the Miss Staten Island Pageant on Saturday and have sooooooooooo much to blog about lol so keep a look out for my next blog!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sean Casey's Animal Rescue Event !

Okay so life has literally been a whirlwind lately. So many wonderful things have been happening and though I have been getting things done, I will admit I wish there were more hours in the day because I have a list from here to Guam to complete lol.

So before I get to the most recent events that have been happening I MUST tell you about the second part of my Halloween weekend at Sean Casey's Animal Rescue Event. It took place at .................
The Hamilton Dog House/Sean Casey Animal Rescue
155 E. 3 Street
Brooklyn, NY

"The purpose of this endeavor is to aid unfortunate animals in the interest 
of a higher quality of life. We take in rescued, confiscated, neglected, injured, ill,
unmanageable, or otherwise unwanted animals from private owners, zoos, shelters, 
and other public  organizations. These animals are cared for, and/or rehabilitated to 
the best of our ability and means  until which time they can be found healthy, happy 
homes - whether it be through adoption to qualified candidates or legally released into 
habitats suitable to the specific species in conjunction with licensed wildlife rehabilitators."

The event that I attended was their 3rd Annual Halloween Blockparty! It was a 
dafull of family fun activities. There were animals EVERYWHERE, most of 
which were dressed up in the cutest Halloween costumes. I had the chance to visit 
some of the animals which are up for adoption and strongly encourage anyone out 
there interested in adopting a pet to visit Sean Casey's Shelter. These animals 
truly need good loving homes ! I must thank Ellen Stein for taking me to this
event and introducing me to all of the hardworking employees who make the 
shelter a success. 

Ellen Stein is a Certified Personal Trainer and 7X IPF Masters World 
Powerlifting Champion, which translates to ONE AMAZING WOMAN ! 
She trained Miss Brooklyn 2009, Keelie Sheridan and I hope to work with 
her when the time gets closer for Miss NY in June (because for those of you 
who don't know, I am the junk food QUEEN and am going to need someone 
to discipline my butt before the state pageant lol) Ellen is a fantastic woman all 
around and I thank her so very much for introducing me to this amazing cause and allowing me to participate in the event. You can contact her at 
and check out her blog 

The Hamilton House/Sean Casey's Animal Rescue Shelter

I was able to walk one of the puppies up for adoption


Charles, Me & Ellen Stein

The deal was I got to wear her hot pink
glasses if she could wear my sash :-) 

Aside from all of the animals in costume, there was a Karaoke band there and SOMEHOW  I found myself with a microphone in my hand singing 
"Don't Stop Believing," lol. I had tonsillitis that week so needless to say that 
particular performance was not one of my proudest moments, but it was certainly 
a fun one :-) 

Brian Smith's Live Karaoke Band !
Finally, there was one more special person that I must mention who I met at Sean 
Casey's event and his name is Peter Colen. He is a freelance photographer who was 
at the event taking fabulous photos. We exchanged contact info and it turns out he is a CANCER SURVIVOR !!!! He was diagnosed with Lymphoma about a year ago 
and I am happy to report he has been in remission since April :-) His photographs are absolutely beautiful, many are of nature and are absolutely breathtaking! 
(347) 683 6001

Photo by: Peter Colen


Photo By Peter Colen 
Well I think I covered everything! I know this was a manifesto of a blog, 
but this was such a memorable event and I needed to share every ounce of
it with all of you <3 

Christina :-) 

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Darling Divas Pageant !

Heyy everyone, 

Hope you all have been doing well :-) . . . I have reaaaalllly been keeping busy and have several fun opportunities in the works (which I will fill you in on more in my next few blogs lol), but first I wanted to update you on my past few appearances :-) 

Last weekend I was fortunate enough to have two appearance back to back. It was certainly a jam packed weekend, but was definitely a fun one. On Saturday October 30th I attended the Darling Divas Pageant
( and not only did I get to watch, I GOT TO JUDGE!!! It was such a fun experience :-). Being a dancer, I am use to being the one on the stage rather than the one behind the table, but after judging the pageant I must say, I have a new found respect for judges. It was an extremely tough job because all of the contestants were so wonderful. They ranged from little 3 year old cutie pies to 16 year old blossoming beauties. I was entertained by categories including "outerwear," "costume-wear," and the "living doll competition," where competitors have the chance to pick their FAVORITE doll and mimic them in a routine. It was a day full of fun and surprises and I got to share it with my fabulous sister queen Miss Brooklyn Outstanding Teen Brittney Hollingsworth (who I adore by the way), and The Miss Brooklyn Scholarship Organization's Executive Director, Amaris Acosta, who actually emceed the event ! We all went to the event together and had a mini adventure getting there :/ . . . we had to go through the city into Jersey, but for some craaaaaazzzzy reason only ONE lane was opened in the tunnel going into the city which was bizarre and highly problematic I must say lol. Low and behold we arrived (but a little late to say the least, compliments of the Queens Midtown Tunnel). Despite our unexpected obstacles we all really had a fun day together and I thoroughly enjoyed my first judging experience! :-) Every girl at the pageant walked away with some sort of an award, which I thought was perfect, because all of them were winners and were able to have their own shining moments <3

Brooklyn's OT Brittney Hollingsworth, Grand Supreme Winner Zoe & Me 

Brittney and Me :-) . . . I was mistaken for the teen at first lol (I am a midget I know)

All of the Darling Divas Winners 

Amaris Acosta (Miss Brooklyn Executive Director) . . Brittney Hollingsworth (Brooklyn's OT) & Me :-) 
I am starting to fizzle :-( so I shall tell you about my Halloween appearance at Sean Casey's Animal Rescue Event next time !!!! 

Christina :-)