Thursday, February 24, 2011


“A positive thought will always lead to a positive outcome!”-Josephine Schiavo 

My Beautiful Aunt Josephine Schiavo, the Honoree of Cupid's Cure 

Photograph By: Peter Colen

Proclamation from Brooklyn Borough
President Marty Markowitz

So close to a week and a half has gone by and I am still on cloud nine from the results of Cupid’s Cure!!!! !

I am so proud and amazed to say that the event raised $10,000 for the Sarcoma Alliance & Miss Brooklyn Scholarship Organization!

So what was Cupid's Cure ????  . . . . . . 

Over the past couple of months I coordinated a fundraiser for the Sarcoma Alliance (the charity I am supporting this year as Miss Brooklyn), in honor of my aunt and sarcoma survivor Josephine Schiavo. Around the end of November (while I was getting things in order for the Cosmic Charity Challenge lol) I had another thought for a fundraiser and knew Valentine’s Day would be the central theme, with that Cupid’s Cure came about and took place on February 12, 2011. What I thought would be a small gathering escalated into quite the extravaganza. I had a vision in my head of how I wanted the evening to go and I have to say it went ten times better than I could have ever imagined.

The event took place at Sirico’s Catering Hall in Brooklyn NY and included dinner, dancing, a Chinese auction, raffles and more. There were 200 people in attendance including the Executive Director of the Sarcoma Alliance, along with his family (who flew allllll the way from California to attend Cupid’s Cure), The Executive Director of The Miss Brooklyn Scholarship Organization, Amaris Acosta, my little sister queen Miss Brooklyn’s Outstanding Teen, Brittney Hollingsworth, Miss New York, Claire Buffie & Miss New York Board Member and former director of the Miss Brooklyn Scholarship Organization, Linda Carbo. 

Me & Aunt Joe 

Arthur Beckert: Executive Director of the Sarcoma Alliance
Who flew all the way from CALIFORNIA to be with us that night :-) 

Photograph By: Peter Colen

Aunt Joe, Arthur Beckert & Me 
Photograph By: Peter Colen
The Entire Beckert Family with
Aunt Joe, her husband Nicky & Me 

Miss New York 2010, Claire Buffie
Thank you so much Claire :-) 

Miss New York, Claire Buffie, Miss BK & My Little Sister Queen
Miss Brooklyn's Outstanding Teen, Brittney
Photograph By: Peter Colen

Miss New York & Miss New York Board Member/Former Director
of the Miss Brooklyn Scholarship Org., Linda

Executive Director of the Miss Brooklyn Scholarship OrganizationAmaris Acosta, Miss BK's OT, Brittney Hollingsworth & Me :-
Aunt Joe and I knew that if we were going to coordinate a fundraiser, it wasn’t going to be your typical “fundraiser,” but instead a true celebration of life. We were there not to be saddened by Josephine’s struggle, but rather empowered and inspired by her tremendous fight. Her positive attitude and outlook on life is one to be admired by all, for it is the reason she is with us today. Her zest for life, loud voice and contagious personality is unbelievable and I wanted that to be able to shine the most the night of the event!


Banner :-)

"ALL MY CHILDREN" Supports the Sarcoma Alliance 

Home Reporter Article 

The Calm Before the Terrific Storm lol

A lot of people are unaware of what Sarcoma is, and until my aunt Josephine was diagnosed in 2007 I myself had no idea that the cancer existed. Sarcoma is the most rare form of cancer in the United States today. It affects 1% of adults and 15-20% of children each and every year. 4,000 people lose the fight with sarcoma every year, and I am so proud to say that Josephine Schiavo beat every odd, every statistic and can call herself a STAGE 4 Sarcoma Cancer Survivor.

It is because of her that I was inspired to spread awareness for Sarcoma through the use of the performing arts with a platform I call “Performers With A Purpose,” Bringing Sarcoma Awareness Center Stage. My passion has always been the performing arts and I wanted to find a way to promote the arts, while simultaneously raising support and awareness for The Sarcoma Alliance. Therefore I created a unique program that I have implemented in 3 Brooklyn Public School (PS 48, PS 112 and IS 187). It involves me traveling to these schools once a week from now until May teaching dance clinics and spreading the joy of the arts to as many students as possible. Then on May 7, 2011 at Xaverian High School these students will have the opportunity to perform at a final dance benefit, where all of the proceeds will be going straight to the Sarcoma Alliance.

So I am now in the process of planning the May event, but am still a little distracted by the results of Cupid’s Cure lol.  After all was said and done Cupid’s Cure raised an unbelievable $10,000 for the Sarcoma Alliance & Miss Brooklyn Scholarship Organization! My original goal was between $5,000-$7,000, so this truly exceeded every expectation I had!

Yes the event took place the weekend of Valentine’s Day and love was indeed in the air lol, but I hope that each and everyday you recall the love that you have for your friends, for your family, for you neighbors, for your loved ones, but most importantly recall the love that you have for the life that you get to live each and every day. Remember to savor the memories and moments with the people that mean the most to you. DON’T SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF AND LOOK AT THE BIIIIGGGG PICTURE <3 


Cupid’s Cure
A Very Special Thanks To . . . 


This event would never have been possible without their constant support, dedication, time and effort. They were the ones behind the magic and I cannot thank them enough for all of their hard work. I truly have the best Aunts &“Friend Friends” in the entire world, and am so blessed to have people like them in my life.

I love you, and have an indescribable amount of gratitude to all of you. Thank you for helping me to bring my vision of CUPID’S CURE to LIFE. 

Those 10 hour days, and weekly meetings were 
SOOOO WORTH IT lol :-)  

Cupid's Cure Committee <3



Catering Hall: Sirico’s Caterers
8017-23 13th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11228
(718) 331-2900

Beauty Sponsor: Pilo Arts Day Spa & Salon
8412 Third Avenue
Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, New York 11209 USA
Owner: Elena Solitario
Hairstylist: Jayne Thompson-Chillo
Makeup: Betsy Shuki

 DJ: Dash of Class Entertainment
7514 13th Avenue 11228
(718) 259-9559
Joe Zicolello

Graphic Designer: Daniel DeNisco

Printer: Mike Avena

Photographer: Peter Colen
(347) 683-6001

Videographer: Mary Ellen Pesanello

 Florist: 13th Avenue Florist
7806 13th Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11228
(718) 236-9088

Thank you to all of these wonderful sponsors for donating their time and their resources, and for helping me to make this event a success.


 Adventurers Family Entertainment Center
Aletto Jewelers
B & A Pork Store Gourmet Market
Bay Ridge Dermatology
Blockbuster 18th Avenue
Brooklyn Cyclones Baseball
Brooklyn Tans
Classic Tuxedos
Cement and Concrete Workers District Council
Concrete and Cement Workers Local 20
Dance Works Dance Center
Frame Me
Michael Gangi Plumbing
IRL Security System Inc.
Langdon Florist
La Sorrentina Restaurant
L’Oreal Paris
Manny’s Haircare
Maple Lanes
Mapleton Printing
Modern Florist
Pilo Arts Day Spa & Salon
Sarcoma Alliance
Skinflints Restaurant
Sparks Steakhouse NYC
Stuben Associates
Sweet Sisters Chocolates
Trovato’s Wine & Liquor Inc.
Vegas Diner
Vito Bruno Productions
World of Wonders Day Care


Mrs. Patricia Bruno
Mr. Vito Bruno
Chiaffarano Family
Mrs. Jayne Thompson-Chillo
Ms. Theresa Clapso
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Coumoutseas
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph DeLissio
Ms. Marie Donadio
Mr. Angelo Gassoso
Mrs. Margaret Tapogna-Gatzonis (Zumba for Rachel)
 Jehamy Family
Mrs. Lisa Leto
Mr. & Mrs. Robert McKenna
Mr. & Mrs. Keith Moore
Mrs. Fran Peluso
Mrs. Angela Pennachio
Ms. Erika Romano
Ms. Marieanne Scafuri
Mr. & Mrs. Nicolas Schiavo
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Scimone
Ms. Nicole Sturiale
Mrs. Fallon Preziotti-White
Ms. Donna Zappulla


Photograph By: Peter Colen

Little Brother <3
Photograph By: Peter Colen

Grandma & Nana <333 My Biggest Cheerleaders :-) 
Photograph By: Peter Colen

Mikey <333 My Oldest Friend in the World !!! Going on 20 years :-) 
Photograph By: Peter Colen

Miss M <3333
Photograph By: Peter Colen

My Brooklyn Cyclones Beach BUMS, Love you girls xoxo <3
Photograph By: Peter Colen

Thanks Joey <3

Photograph By: Peter Colen

Dancing the Night Away :-) 
Photograph By: Peter Colen



Love ya Ry <3

I have the best friends EVER <3

Little Michael-John :-) 
Photograph By: Peter Colen

Photograph By: Peter Colen

Keith being a HAM during Papa Americano lol
Photograph By: Peter Colen

Cheez :-) 
Photograph By: Peter Colen

HAHA :-) 
Photograph By: Peter Colen

LOLOL . . . Cousin Kristen WON a Basket !
Photograph By: Peter Colen

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Sunday, February 20, 2011

State of the Borough Address

Thankfully I have a mini vacation from school, so I can fiiinnnnaaallly catch up on life.  I figured I would start with telling you a little bit about Borough President, Marty Markowitz's State of the Borough Address that took place on February 3, 2011 at Sunset High School.

A few weeks prior to the event I received an invitation from the Borough President, one that not only allowed me to be a guest, but a guest that received special commendation from the Borough President during his speech. It was certainly a wonderful honor and one that was unexpected.

Brooklyn Borough President
Marty Markowitz 

When the day of the event came there was a slight bit of rushing going on lol because I had class all day at Wagner then needed to jump in the car and get ready in 20 minutes on my way to the event. It was a challenge but thankfully I got there right on time! I was taken to a holding room where all of the other stage guests were waiting. I was surrounded by amazing people and was humbled to be included. Mayor Michael Bloomberg was there at the beginning of the evening and greeted everyone before Marty made his grand entrance on a bicycle before he began his speech. The address touched upon every major issue in the borough, from bike lane controversy, to the unemployment rates, school closings, along with new projects that will enhance Brooklyn in the upcoming years. 

During the speech myself along with other guests being commended were seated 
on the stage. I was surrounded by Rhodes Scholars preparing for their departure to Oxford, New York Times Best Selling Authors, a 12 years old Playwright (whose show was featured on BROADWAY), Some of New York's Finest, body building champion Mr. Universe, Martin Greenfield of Martin Greenfield Hand Tailored Clothing (that designed the clothes for HBO show "Boardwalk Empire), and a Brooklyn couple who celebrated their 70th Wedding Anniversary together!!! (just to name a few). It was amazing being able to share the stage with Brooklynites who have really gone the distance and made a tremendous name for themselves. 

Seated On Stage at the State of the Borough Address

Erica Sherman Photography
***Kind Shout-Out from Marty 
"In the county of Kings, there’s a new reigning queen, and we are very fortunate tonight to be graced with her presence, Bensonhurst native Christina Moore, winner of the 2011 Miss Brooklyn competition! Christina is an arts administration major at Wagner College, a member of the college’s nationally ranked dance team and someone committed to making a difference in the lives of cancer victims. Now that she has been named Miss Brooklyn, she will go on to compete for the title of Miss New York. And after that win, I’m sure she’ll be on her way to being crowned Miss America. Please welcome Miss Brooklyn, Christina Moore." -Marty Markowitz 

Following the speech was a reception for all of the guests. There had to be close to 500 people in attendance (if not much more), and it was wonderful to meet so many new and exciting faces. One in particular put a huge smile on my face. Her name was Isabella, this cutie pie who came up behind me and gave me a big hug. She also happened to be the little sister of 12-year-old Broadway Playwright, Luis Ramirez. What a fantastic family, whose future is full of bright possibilities.

Little Isabella Ramirez

Erica Sherman Photography

Ramirez Family (Luis Ramirez is a 12-year-old Broadway Playwright)

Erica Sherman Photography


Such a cutie pie !

Omar Zahriyeh of Baruch College 

Mom & Dad <3

Rhodes Scholars
Zujaja Tauqueer & Zach Frankel 

Borough Hall Chief of Staff Carlo Scissura

A Brooklyn Character !

Brooklyn Cyclones Gary Perone
Aka My Boss Last Summer lol

Body Building Champion
Mr. Universe
Martin Greenfield of
Martin Greenfield Hand Tailored Clothing

Erica Sherman Photography

This really was a great event and I am looking forward to working with some of the great people that I met !

*To read the entire State of the Borough Address Visit 

Christina :-)