Monday, March 21, 2011

DWDC Showcase & All City Live Radio Appearance


On Sunday March 6th I had a fun filled day of appearances. My day started at St.A's for Dance Works Dance Center's 2nd Annual Company Showcase. I myself am an alumni of DWDC, so it was great to go back and see the kids perform. The showcase was wonderful and each and every student did a sensational job. Growing up, Dance Works was my home away from home. It is because of Dance Works that I am who I am today. Amazing teachers (Margaret Tapogna, Buffy Whalen, Fallon Preziotti, Janine Cambridge, and Paul Morelli), along with endless love, dedication and heart is the reason why Dance Works will forever be such a special part of my life. The memories, the friendships and the lessons learned there are ones that will stay with me for the rest of my life, and I am truly so thankful that I was lucky enough to be a part of something so unique and special.

Remember dancers, cherish the time you have on that stage, own it and never forget that this is your time to shine ! 

DWDC Showcase March 6, 2011

Wild Horses <3

"The Change"

Miss M <3

Gotta Love Billy xoxo

Meagan <3 "Steam Heat" (and old solo song of mine actually)
Fabulous job my dear :-) 

Can always point out "Orange Colored Skies" lol
Love ya Gabby :-) 

Saying a few words before Act II


Following the Dance Works Showcase I headed straight over to my very first Radio Appearance at Long Island University (Brooklyn Campus)for the All City Live Radio Show. The show is broadcasted from LIU and stars a fabulous array of personalities, some of whom were actually graduates of the school. I was at the radio station for close to two hours with DJ Prince, Rej Da Boss, Mack Of Go Hard Or Go Home, DJ Commish and Comedian Darnell Wright. The interview went wonderful and it was really a lot of fun. It was refreshing to be in such a laid back environment surrounded by people who genuinely love what they do. They all work great together and put forth a show that's quite entertaining. Aside from the interview, I even got a twitter account lol. When the guys found out that I was not a "tweeter," they set me up with an account while still on the air (thanks Mack).

What a memorable experience :-) 

All City Live Radio
DJ Prince

All City Live Radio

All City Live Radio

All City Live Radio

Hehe :-) 


DJ Commish, Rej, Mack, DJ Prince, and comedian Darnell

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Click here to listen to my interview 


Sunday, March 6, 2011

Motivational Speech at IS 187, Queens Corner Expo & Read Across America Day !

So I have been a busy bee and am three blogs behind, so I have decided to do three for the price of one ! 


First starting with my motivational speech, on Wednesday February 16th.  This marked my second motivational speech at a Junior High School this year, but this one was slightly different from the first because I was able to speak at Christa McAuliffe IS 187 my good ole’ alma mater. I graduated from McAuliffe in 2004 from the Arts & Humanities Academy and have actually been the Drama Club Choreographer there for the past 4 years, so I am no stranger to many of the wonderful students. Therefore, I decided to do something a little different this time around and instead of wearing my crown I decided to put it on a stand right next to me while I spoke because I wanted the students to still see me as me, not Miss Brooklyn who happens to be Christina, but just Christina who happens to be Miss Brooklyn. I wanted them to understand that simply by being who they are in life and by following their heart and their niche life will throw so many remarkable opportunities their way. 

Auditorium Filling Up
at Christa McAuliffe IS 187 

I have said it before and I will say it again, if someone told me when I was sitting in the auditorium in the 6th grade that one day I would be on the Miss America track I would have laughed and thought, IMPOSSIBLE! But if I have learned anything from this experience it is that life has its own little plan for you, and its simply up to you to seize an opportunity and don't let unexpected things pass you by. 

Speech Time !
Christa McAuliffe
February 16, 2011


My Drama Club Girls :-)

I was able to speak with all three academies at the school totaling 1,000 students in a matter of a few hours. The students were all so receptive, they listened intently to all that I had to say and at the end they were able to ask me a few questions regarding my time at McAuliffe, where I went to HS, and what my plans after Miss Brooklyn are. These students always put a smile on my face and this day was no exception, I really had a great time speaking to all of them. If my story can help these students to recognize a dream of theirs or encourage them to never give up on their goals then I certainly did my job. I must thank Principal Berman for allowing me to speak with the students, the school Dean Mr. Nicol and of course Mrs. Ferrier for giving me this chance. Teachers are some of the most influential people in your life and I have been so fortunate to have some of the best in the system when I was in JHS. Mrs. Ferrier is a prime example of both an excellent educator and an amazing mentor. She has supported me, defended me and has stood by me throughout all of these years and has grown from educator to friend, who I cherish. 

IS 187 Students :-)

*To my McAuliffe students, never forget that you have one of the best teachers around! Mrs. Ferrier does so much for all of you and you need to realize how truly lucky you guys are to have her as your teacher (and of course fabulous Drama Club Facilitator) !

Thank you to all of the students who wrote to me :-) And a very special thank you to all of my drama kids who I love working with year after year ! 

*****ADDITIONAL PICS Coming Soon, keep an eye out for them on FB 


On February 26th I had a fun filled day of Pageant Lessons at the Queens Corner Pageant Expo created and coordinated by Miss Brooklyn Executive Director, 
Amaris Acosta. I attended the Expo last year for the first time right before I competed for Miss Brooklyn 2010 and certainly learned a lot. The expo is a lot of fun and a great way to meet different people and organizations involved in the pageant world. It is amazing how many pageant systems there are all throughout the United States, from Miss Earth, to National American Miss, to even America's Outstanding Mom :-) there are endless possibilities when it come to pageant programs. Overall I had a great day meeting new titleholders at the expo. I was even able to run the check in table with my sister queen Miss Kings County Carmen Mendoza. We are both so busy all the time and this was actually one of our first appearances together where we were able to talk and catch up on the craziness of our lives.   

Amaris Acosta
Executive Director of the Miss Brooklyn Org. 

Miss Brooklyn Organization 2011

National American Miss Titleholders :-) 

Titleholders from all over the country !



On March 2nd I returned to the Block Institute for Read Across America Day :-) In 1998 the National Education Association started this program to promote reading throughout the United States and since its emergence 12 years ago, it had become a national tradition. "Between March 1 - 4, 2011 more than 45 million participants in all 50 states participate in what has become the largest literacy celebration in the United States." 

I was able to get in on the day and read to a few kindergarten classes at the Block Institute. Since Read Across America Day falls on Dr. Seuss's birthday :-) it was only appropriate that I read the Dr. Seuss Classic Green Eggs and Ham to the kiddies. I was able to meet two adorable classes and read to them a book that I have always enjoyed. When I was done reading to them it was just about time for lunch, and what was on the menu ??? GREEN EGGS AND HAM of course :-) 

Todd Adelman
Director of Special Projects at the Block Institute

Dylan seemed to be more intrigued by the camera than the story lol :-)

Green Eggs & Ham ! Classic 

Kindergarten Cuties !

Nathan and Gabriel, these two were adorable !!!!

Gabriel certainly wasn't camera shy as he posed for a mini photo shoot lol 

Little Nathan !

Miss Greater NYC aka Miss Keelie who also read to the kiddies!
 Phewwww finally all caught up :-) Hope you enjoyed it !