Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Metro Talent Competition

On May 21st & 22nd I attended the METRO Talent Competition at Bishop Ford High School, sponsored by Body Wrappers. "Metro Talent Competition has been created to supply a venue and platform for young performers in the New York area to display their talents." - www.metrotalentcompetition.com

I was invited to the dance competition back in November and was very excited to attend the event.  I was able to meet the dancers, talk about my personal experiences with dance and have a question and answer session on stage with the dancers.  It was an odd change of pace for me to be the one sitting and not the one running all over the place changing costumes and dancing on stage.  I have never once traveled so light to a dance competition lol.   The dancers put on a great show and it was a treat for me to watch them all perform.  Familiar dancing schools such as Frontline Dance Center, Vicky Simegiatos Performing Arts Center & of course Dance Works Dance Center (my old studio) all competed that weekend and I was thrilled to be a part of it.  A big congrats to all of the dancers, you all did a terrific job!  Remember, dance is a gift, share it with as many people as possible <333

Frontline Dance Center :-) 

Dance Works Dance Center <3


Ms. Vicky's Grandkiddies :-) 

Future Miss Brooklyn ? :-) 

Talking to the dancers before the awards 

Talking about the Miss America Program and
how thanks to dance I am now on the track for Miss NY

Question & Answer Session


Monday, June 6, 2011

Top Women In Business Awards

After I was Principal For The Day at P.S. 48, I ran over to Pilo Arts Day Spa & Salon (www.piloarts.com) got my hair done by Jayne Chillo, then jetted to Queens to join a crowd of 800 people at Terrace On The Park for the Top Women In Business Networking Awards Dinner.  The event honored 40 of the most successful women in business for the year 2011. Among them was the fabulous Elena Solitario co-founder and owner of Pilo Artswho has been an asset to the Brooklyn community for over 20 years and 
who has generously sponsored me this year as Miss Brooklyn.  Her commitment, 
drive and determination is what has made Pilo Arts one of the nations leading 

Arriving at the awards dinner

Elena Solitario, Top Women In Business Honoree
& Owner of Pilo Arts 

Elena Solitario & Renee Dorsa
All of the women honored came from diverse backgrounds and fields of business, but what they all had in common was their dedication to their community.  It was a true honor to be in a room full of such inspirational and empowering women, including Woman Of The Year, Fox 5 reporter Tai Hernandez, President of the Brooklyn Real Estate Board, Renee Dorsa, & Executive Director of the Queens Symphony Orchestra, Lynda Herndon. 

Woman of the Year, Tai Hernandez of Fox 5 News

Raffle Time :-)


P.S. 48 Principal For A Day

On Thursday May 19th I had a fun filled day of appearances that started at 8:00am and ended at 11:00pm . . . what a day, but a sensational one at that ! 

P.S. 48, Principal For A Day 

Principal of P. S. 48 :-)
When I became Miss Brooklyn one of the first appearances that came my way was Principal For A Day at my alma mater P.S. 48, "the school that rules!" I had to wait until May 19th to finally take my place in the principals chair, but boy was it worth the wait.  The students, the faculty and the staff were all so kind and welcomed me with open arms.  The day started at an assembly with the younger grades followed by another with the 3rd, 4th & 5th Graders.  The students greeted me with a fabulous song they wrote for me (which was such a special surprise), . . . "welcome to P.S. 48, Christina Moore, Miss Brooooooklyn." Following the chorus performance was a wonderful presentation by the band.  I was blown away by how talented all of these children were, from the vocals to the instruments, they were all sensational.  The students proceeded to present me with an official certificate and a "rising star" that is now hanging in my room<3 There generosity and sincere support was unbelievable.  As a special surprise for the school, my 4th Grade Performers With A Purpose, performed their dance "I'm A Believer" for their fellow classmates and had the whole school dancing along !!!! 

My 4th Grade Performers With A Purpose

I was able to speak about my involvement at P.S. 48 as well as my experiences there when I was a student.  Each class had the opportunity to ask me a few questions, which I was more than happy to answer (it was actually great interview prep lol, because everyone even down to the kindergarten students asked terrific questions.)  Although I enjoyed the entire day, the part that moved me the most was a beautiful song they sang called "Our Wish!" It was so sweet and so genuine that it brought me to tears.  It is amazing to me that I once stood on the stage of P.S. 48 and to return back as Miss Brooklyn and as someone who is living out a childhood dream I didn't even know I had, is surreal.


4th & 5th Grade Chorus

Assistant Principal Ms. Zabala & Principal Ms. Picucci

Ms. Laviano (my 4th Grade Teacher), Mrs. Carver (my 5th grade teacher)
& Mrs. McFarland (my 3rd Grade Teacher) 

5th Graders 
I sat there and remembered my memories at P.S. 48, the teachers who are now my friends and the students that I grew up with who are now like family to me.  Out of all of the amazing memories there one memory I will never forget is my 5th grade graduation when I stood on the stage and sang the song "I Hope You Dance!" I didn't know it then, but that song has come to have so much meaning in my life.  Everything has come full circle for me this year, and when I thought I had lost the joy of dance this entire year as Miss Brooklyn has given me back that gift and has allowed me to share it with others.  I have learned so much about myself as a teacher, as a student, and as a person and have seen first hand the impact you can have on others by simply being yourself.  These students as well as those from P.S. 112 & I. S. 187 have brought so much joy to my life and seeing them succeed and want to help spread awareness about sarcoma has been the most gratifying experience of my life.  

I want to thank Principal Picucci (whose was the principal when I was there :-) Parent Coordinator, Judy Magenta and Assistant Principal Ms. Zabala for giving me this wonderful opportunity <3

Principal For A Day :-)
*Little fun fact . . . I am the fourth generation in my family
to graduate from P.S. 48. My great grandmother, my grandmother,
my mother and I all graduated for good old 48!