Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Metro Talent Competition

On May 21st & 22nd I attended the METRO Talent Competition at Bishop Ford High School, sponsored by Body Wrappers. "Metro Talent Competition has been created to supply a venue and platform for young performers in the New York area to display their talents." - www.metrotalentcompetition.com

I was invited to the dance competition back in November and was very excited to attend the event.  I was able to meet the dancers, talk about my personal experiences with dance and have a question and answer session on stage with the dancers.  It was an odd change of pace for me to be the one sitting and not the one running all over the place changing costumes and dancing on stage.  I have never once traveled so light to a dance competition lol.   The dancers put on a great show and it was a treat for me to watch them all perform.  Familiar dancing schools such as Frontline Dance Center, Vicky Simegiatos Performing Arts Center & of course Dance Works Dance Center (my old studio) all competed that weekend and I was thrilled to be a part of it.  A big congrats to all of the dancers, you all did a terrific job!  Remember, dance is a gift, share it with as many people as possible <333

Frontline Dance Center :-) 

Dance Works Dance Center <3


Ms. Vicky's Grandkiddies :-) 

Future Miss Brooklyn ? :-) 

Talking to the dancers before the awards 

Talking about the Miss America Program and
how thanks to dance I am now on the track for Miss NY

Question & Answer Session


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