Friday, October 29, 2010

First Appearance: The Greatest Star Awards :-)

Hey there friends, 

So for the past few days I have been sick with tonsillitis . . yuck :-( and in the mist of being under the weather I attempted to figure out my life for the next year. It was an epic challenge I will admit, however after close to 2 hrs. on my laptop without moving I think I finally got it all sorted out. The problem with me is I manage to get myself involved in so many things and get so attached to everything I do that I refuse to give any of it up lol. Even if it means I may lose a small part of my sanity I am determined to make it work !   

Anyway, moving on from my schedule :-) . . . On October 24th I had my first Miss Brooklyn Appearance at the Block Institute! The event I attended was called the Brightest Star Awards and it is a play off of the Academy Awards. It recognizes people in the Brooklyn community with developmental disabilities and highlights their achievements in a variety of categories ranging from talent to leadership. The event was started last year with the help of a former Miss Brooklyn, Keelie Sheridan, who is such an inspirational woman and should be so proud of putting on this eye opening event. I want to thank her for giving me the opportunity to help this year because it was an experience that will stay with me for years to come. I looked around the room and couldn't help but smile, because I realized that despite their disabilities these people are strong, courageous, intelligent and HAPPY.

Title Winners with Calvin, The Brightest Star 20091

Some of the contestants :-) 

Out of all of the amazing people I encountered their was one woman in particular that truly touched me. Her name was Mrs. Armband (yess that is really her name) and she was an 89 year old woman who lived her entire life in Brooklyn. I sat and talked with her for about a half an hour about her life growing up here. She told me the cutest little stories and just put this huge smile on my face. She reminded me so much of my Granny who passed away a few years back, and I just didn't want to stop talking to her. I am so thankful that I met this woman, she really left an impression on me and I hope to see her again in January for the Finals Gala (Sunday was the preliminary awards where the finalists in each category were announced). 

In addition to helping out at the event I had the privilege of meeting two special people. The first was Diana Greene, a 2009 Miss Brooklyn Contestant and fellow Brooklynite and the second was Miss New York herself Claire Buffie :-). I had so much fun getting to know these wonderful girls. Diana and I discovered we know a lot of the same people through dance, which is what I love about Brooklyn, everyone is connected somehow. As for Claire, in addition to being a poised, beautiful and kind person, I learned she has freakishly long arms lol and can capture up to 6 people in a photograph at once lol. 

Me with Miss New York Claire Buffie

Diana Greene, Keelie Sheridan, Claire Buffie, Christina Moore

Bye Bye Crowns, Hello Long Arm Picture lol !

Overall my first appearance as Miss Brooklyn was a memorable one and I can't wait for January for the Gala when I can reunite with the Brightest Stars <3 

Until next time xoxo
Christina :-) 

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