Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pageant Day !

Hello All :-) 

These past few days have been quite hectic so I apologize for the delayed blog. I have been attempting to organize my life for the next year and it is proving to be a tedious task, but I am determined to figure most of it out this week lol. I know I mentioned that I have a few fun facts from the pageant itself so here is goes . . . 

I started the day with butterflies in my stomach and will admit I was quite nervous, but I kept telling myself "what ever will be, will be." After meeting all of the amazing girls and getting to know them backstage my nerves started to subside because everyone was so genuinely kind. It was nice to just relax and chit chat a little before the actual pageant started. After the private interview, walking practice, talent practice, and make-up touch ups it was time for the show. It started with the onstage question (which is the part that makes me the most uneasy). Thankfully that was quick and painless, however I messed up my walking pattern and exited the rear curtain rather than the front one . . Whoops :/. Next was swimwear, followed by talent, both of which went smoothly, sadly I cannot say the same for EVENING GOWN. After I finished my talent portion (a jazz solo called "Let Me Entertain You") I ran backstage to put on my gown. Here's wear things got a little hectic. I put on the gown successfully !!!! However, when it came time to put the lovely shoes on I must have twisted my body oddly and the strap in the back of my dress thought it would be a fantastic time to POP. Well needless to say I was very disheveled , I went into slight panic mode, but ended up laughing at myself because of course I would be the one to have a wardrobe malfunction. Long story short someone saved me backstage and pinned the strap, but I did not have time to put my double sided tape on to hold up the side of the dress without a strap (it was a one shoulder gown). So I made my way to the stage praying to every God imaginable that the gown would stay up lol. I walked on stage and all was fine and dandy until I started my walking pattern and felt the dress shift eeeevvvvvveeerrr so slightly. I was panicking on the inside lol, but put my hand on my hip and held onto the dress for dear life while I walked. (So if you saw the pageant and wondered "why on earth is this girl walking with her hand on her hip?") You now know it was to prevent a serious wardrobe malfunction. 

Once I made it through the evening gown portion, it was time for crowning! I was happy with the way I performed and wouldn't have done anything differently (except not have a gown crisis), but to be honest I truly did not think I had won. There were so many fantastic contestants that I completely took myself out of the running. When it came time for them to announce the new Miss Brooklyn I was prepared to be cheering on someone else, not walking forward having a crown put on my head. I replay that moment over and over and can't believe how utterly silly I must have looked. There were so many emotions going on at once, but the main one was SHOCK. My sister queens who were crowned before me accepted their titles so gracefully . . . Me, not so much lol. I laughed, I cried, I made the most ridiculous facial expressions on the planet, but that's me :-) 

 I am so grateful and so proud to be able to represent Brooklyn and if I have learned anything from this experience it is, never doubt yourself for a minute because you are capable of more than you think. If you have a goal, hold onto it and never let it go because even though you may have to get knocked down a few time on your way up the ladder, once you reach the top success is all the more sweet. 

Well that's all for now, I did my first official appearance as Miss BK today and shall tell you all about it tomorrow, right now need to get some shut eye, got a long day tomorrow :-) 


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