Friday, May 13, 2011

St. Athanasius Baseball Parade

APRIL 10th 

The day after the Miss New York Workshop I had the fantastic opportunity to lead the St. A's Baseball Parade with Senator Golden, Assemblyman Peter Abbate, Assemblyman William Colt and Elizabeth Liakos of Northfield Bank. I have been involved with the St. A's Baseball Program since I was a little girl. My brother played for St. A's from the time he was seven years old and my dad was a coach for them for close to 10 years, so I am no stranger to the organization. Throughout the years I have watched them flourish and have seen first hand the tremendous impact they have had on the community. Children from all over Brooklyn come to St. A's to play ball because they know it is an environment committed to family fun and the love for the game of baseball. It is a wonderful organization that works hard to instill in the children the importance of good sportsmanship.

The parade began at the parish church, 2154 61st Street and ended at the St. A's Baseball Field on 54th Street and 20th Avenue. When we arrived Senator Golden, Peter Abbate, William Colt and even yours truly had the chance to say a few words to the players. After concluding the speeches we all were given the honor of throwing out the first pitch of the season! A lot of my students were there with their families so it was so nice to see so many familiar faces READY TO PLAY BALL !!!! I have always wanted to play baseball/softball. Everyone in my family has played at one point or another, but due to my hectic dance schedule growing up I was never able to. However, on this day I got the chance to live out a silly childhood wish and was a St.A's softball player for the day :-) (One of the girls was nice enough to lend me her uniform lol) 

St. A's Softball Team 

Leading the Parade

Senator Golden 


Lets Go St. A's !


Anthony, age 2 . . followed me all around the field, so cute :-) 

Dad and Bobby (President of the St. A's Baseball Program) 

Up Next the Fontbonne Dinner Dance Honoring Debra Canterino !!!

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